Techie babble

sesame tofu puddingAll photos on this blog are taken by me, unless stated otherwise.
They’re usually stored on my flickr account, and link back to the larger image page (if you’re so inclined to take a closer gander at the sesame seeds on my pudding). All my food images are located in the’tasty treats’ folder, which goes back all the way to March 2006 when I first decided I liked snapping pictures of my dinner (much to my flatmates’ bemusement).

canoneos + canonixussonyw1

Some of the earlier images were taken with my trusty 3-year-old-but-now-deceased Sony DSC-W1 digital camera, and the better quality ones are taken with the Canon EOS 400D, alternating between the kit lens and the 50mm f/1.8 lens (amazing for depth of field and food close ups). I’ve just gotten a Canon IXUS 860IS to replace the much-missed Sony, which should be handy for getting shots in restaurants without appearing to be a weirdo. You’d be surprised at how many people give me dirty looks for dragging out a giant DSLR in the middle of an amuse bouche.

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